The ideal true sphere

Leave manufacturing of stainless-steel balls and steel balls to us!

As a manufacturer of valve balls with top market share, we produce a large quantity of valve balls used domestically in Japan.

Stainless-steel valve balls are used in a variety of industries and businesses, and our products are provided to nearly all industries. Since our establishment, we have continued marking product plans that meet our customers' needs through apt advice based on our long years of experience.

We also pride ourselves on our world-class technology in the processing of true spheres using hard-to-cut metals, such as titanium, Hastelloy, nickel-base self-fluxing alloy coating and tungsten carbide thermal spraying.

Feels free to ask us anything about sphere surface treatment.

Manufacturing on valve balls

Manufacturing on valve balls

At Kida Valve Ball we manufacture all kinds of sphere objects using advanced technology.
Our technology also makes it possible to manufacture other types of sphere objects to meet your requirements.

Production network centered in Asia

Production network centered in Asia

We can fulfill a diversity of needs thanks to our business bases in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.
With thorough efforts to achieve efficiency, we can make high quality, low price and quick delivery a reality!
We procure various materials from overseas and manufacture products at our factory in Japan.

We are here to answer to your needs by providing you with the world's highest quality at low prices.

We manufacture all kinds of sphere objects

We can cut and round various types of materials (treatment)We are dedicated to making better-rounded sphericity (fix)We can make even just one product (trial)
We manufacture all kinds of sphere objects

We specialize in cutting and rounding various types of (sort of hard) materials.
We are confident that our dedication to making sphere objects is second to none.
We make round objects even rounder and we can cut and round any hard-to-cut metals such as stainless-steel, titanium, Hastelloy, and nickels alloys.

You can count on us when it comes to, manufacturing of stainless-steel balls of various type

You can count on us when it comes to, manufacturing of stainless-steel balls of various type

We have been manufacturing all types of valve ball――mainly stainless-steel balls――that are vital to liquid control.
By analyzing our customers' requests and queries from various angeles, we propose the best production solutions. In order to further our efforts to bring you high quality, short delivery time, and low prices, we relentlessly continue to work toward achieving that goal.

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